Plumbing & HVAC Industry

Why We Excel in the Plumbing and HVAC Industry

Commodity product wins are fought at the spec, contractor, and wholesale/distributor levels. Business can be lost along that chain in many places, so working at the spec level gives you a serious advantage.

Our platform supports the specifier role calling on architects and engineers to set your fixture schedule on new jobs and projects while also supporting key salesperson roles in core “stock and flow” business at wholesale distributors, including their showrooms.

  • Track your spec work through to the commission check
  • Assign jobs to specific salespeople that drive them through to purchase orders and commission checks
  • Share jobs deal funnels with sales agencies within their own CRM using CRMSync®
  • Follow up on open quotes with deep IS Quote integration, available on-the-go with the mobile app
  • Generate Distributor YTD sales comparison reports from the app
  • Dictate sales call notes and set action items using voice-to-text
  • Manufacturer-specific opportunity tracking while chasing the whole job
  • Create commission-based compensation plans for salespeople (we understand transfer reports too!) 

We understand the complexities of the three-tier distribution of the plumbing and HVAC business and the increasing demands for spec wins too. Tie it all together with the Manufabric platform.


Now that you’ve seen what we can do for sales reps in the plumbing and HVAC industry, it’s time to find out if Manufabric is right for you.