Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Manufabric

Here you’ll find our answers to the top questions we get about the Manufabric platform.

How is Manufabric different than other CRMs?

Because we are not just a CRM. Manufabric breaks from the constraints of CRM by combining your email system with our CRM platform and a sophisticated commission module for paying your salespeople. We link to your Outlook or Gmail Inbox seamlessly to create the lowest amount of data entry possible for busy salespeople and manufacturers. Save immense amounts of time with features that include two-way contact sync between your Outlook/Gmail and Manufabric, two-way calendar sync, and the ability to create and update opportunities, jobs and quotes right in your email system. Our CRMSync® goes further to manage your external CRM systems, eliminating the need to login and update your sales agency’s CRM manually. Sales agency reps know their past activities and sales numbers before meeting their customers. Immediately after the sales call, reps enter their new activities which get fed to you, the manufacturer.

How do I get the team trained?

Training is another key difference from “big box” CRM systems. Our implementation and training teams are extremely experienced with your manufacturer data and user adoption challenges. We understand the systems you are coming from, and the learner types in your company. With a regular cadence, we get you live and enjoying the benefits of Manufabric quickly. Simply put, we are not just a website where you put a credit card in and we wish you luck. We are a partner in your success.

What does it cost?

Roughly the cost of a cell phone plan per person. We are a monthly subscription service per user, with flexible pricing depending on the size of your company. Our mission is to save your salespeople up to 1.5 hours of paperwork per day or more, so they can spend that time selling. Contact us for specific pricing details.

What is included?

Simply everything. No upgrades, extra modules to buy, or other cost creepers. Get our complete Outlook or Gmail integration of two-way contact and calendar syncs, and the full CRM stack. Plus our sales and commission module, our hugely popular voice-to-text mobile app with account geolocation, sales and commission dashboards, and external connections to Microsoft Power BI and Amazon Alexa. If you can find a better value in the market, we want to know about it!

How long does it take to get up and running?

We spin up your server in 3 days or less and populate it with your roster and your data from old systems, or even just from your team’s email contacts. From the time you say go and provide us data, the process generally takes a week or less before training can begin.

How does Manufabric handle complex commission splits?

Our founder came from a very complex supply chain system in electronics, where the specifier of the manufacturers on your line card often were worlds away from where they got bought. Design a part in San Jose, and chase it to an Asian purchaser through two tiers of sub-suppliers. This experience allowed us to build the most sophisticated aliasing and reconciling system of sales and commission tracking in existence. Whether you get low quality scanned pdf statements requiring manual entry, excel sheets that can be uploaded automatically, or direct API input from your manufacturer, we can do handle your data. We keep it easy if you don’t need all the bells and whistles, but if you do need them, we’ve got them. Aliasing by part number, aliasing by the same company but a different branch, exceptions by line for sales credit, exceptions by part number for sales credit, and salesman’s splits by specific or pooled percentages. Check. We’ve got them all. And the best part is, we teach you how with your live sales and commission statements to save you tons of time.

What are the system requirements?

Got a web browser and a mobile phone? It’s that easy. For our email connectors, you need a Microsoft Exchange mailbox with access to the Microsoft Store to install our Outlook add-in. And for Gmail, you simply need to install our extension on your Chrome browser. Everything else is up to us and included in our cloud and your pricing.


Schedule a call with our team to ask them your questions and find out if Manufabric is the right fit.